Courses are divided into stand-alone modules, designed to deliver more manageable, 'bite-size' pieces of information. 

You'll have unlimited access (as in forever!) -  making it easy to come back for quick refreshers and as a personal resource library. 

 These courses are a valuable supplement to our hands-on training, and can also be leveraged as a substitute when hands-on training is not possible

SDEP® Abdomen- Virtual Ultrasound Course

SDEP® Abdomen- Virtual Ultrasound Course


What We ❤️ About SonoPath Education

✔️ Unlimited access to dozens of Race approved courses on any device

✔️ Carefully curated courses taught by industry experts

✔️ Connect with like-minded veterinary professionals

Tons of Free Resources!

We have a wide variety of searchable topics, an efficient way to take a deeper dive on a specific area of interest.

Each topic includes a list of posts, articles, polls, and events that are related to that topic.

The Community

We have several groups available to help you connect with other veterinary professionals to share insights, help solve challenges, and support each other.

Our community members are helpful, positive, and supportive. 

The Mobile App

Download our free mobile app and access EVERYTHING on your smartphone: courses, topics, and groups.


You can post questions for the community, use the in-app chat to directly message members and so much more! 

Mindray Elite 8

Mindray Elite 8

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