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Less Common Sonographic Pathology

Introducing the Less Common Small Animal Sonographic Pathology: one of the largest libraries of sonographic images of both normal and abnormal organ systems of the dog, cat, and ferret. 

  • The collection is a library of over 400 still images organized by species and organ system. Signalment, radiologist's description, and definitive diagnosis listed for each.

  • This archive is geared towards veterinarians and technicians of varying aptitudes who utilize ultrasound from entry-level to advanced. Entry-level sonographers will be able to familiarize themselves with the normal appearances of all major organs as well as a variety of common and some less common disease states. More advanced sonographers will be able to gain from these images by taking the analysis one step further to study the variations of disease presentation and become more adept at the challenge of image interpretation.


Intellectual Property Statement


The content of this course, video and procedures are protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws. This video and/or education information is ONLY for non-commercial private viewing and individual private use only.


Any distribution, sharing, copying, teaching, transmission, public performance, alteration, or reverse engineering outside private individual use of purchaser (unless expressly authorized by SonoPath) is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and or civil liability.

Less Common Sonographic Pathology

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