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Staging of Heart Disease in Dogs

This online non interactive program focuses on how and why the practitioner can employ consensus panel guidelines for cardiac staging in their practice. Clinical case examples from patients in different stages of disease from subclinical to advanced are provided and a diagnostic algorithm is employed to lead the practitioner toward an accurate diagnosis that will guide correct therapy (discussed in the following session).

Staging of Heart Disease in Dogs

  • The content of this course, video and procedures are protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws. This video and/or education information is ONLY for non-commercial private viewing and individual private use only.

    Any distribution, sharing, copying, teaching, transmission, public performance, alteration, or reverse engineering outside private individual use of purchaser (unless expressly authorized by SonoPath) is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and or civil liability.


    You will earn 1 RACE approved CE credit after pass a quiz with 70% or higher. Your CE Certificate will be sent via email.

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