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SDEP® 7 Pt. Echo Progression Lecture

Earn 2 RACE approved CE Credits


Learn to perform a complete echo from start to finish while implementing the SDEP® (SonoPath's Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol) scanning techniques with this downloadable presentation. This download includes the SDEP® ECHO Progression, and a bonus aortic outflow velocity in felines video, and the post-test to earn your CE credits.


The SDEP™ Echo progression also utilizes a numbering system to optimize every region of the heart to evaluate functions, velocities, pressures and chamber sizes. SDEP™ Echo includes three separate measurements for the left atrial measurements and all standard Doppler velocities. Alternative views image the right atrium and auricle to ensure visualization of heart base masses. This protocol affords the most complete image set for evaluation of the heart from acquired to congenital disease.


* This video contains copyrighted material and you may not share, sell, or otherwise copy or distribute any portion (including audio, text, or images/videos) of this downloadable material. 


Intellectual Property Statement


The content of this course, video and procedures are protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws. This video and/or education information is ONLY for non-commercial private viewing and individual private use only.


Any distribution, sharing, copying, teaching, transmission, public performance, alteration, or reverse engineering outside private individual use of purchaser (unless expressly authorized by SonoPath) is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and or civil liability.

SDEP® 7 Pt. Echo Progression Lecture

  • You will earn 2 Race approved CE credits after you pass a quiz with a 70% or higher. Your CE certificate will be sent via email. 

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