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Internal Medicine Series with Dr.Remo

Join presenter Remo Lobetti BVSc, MMedVET, for this internal medicine lecture series.


Internal Medicine Series With Dr. Remo Lobetti: 12 CE credits (12 hours)

An internal medicine approach to the GI, pancreas, urinary tract, liver, and endocrine disorders.


Conditions and Clinical Disease Management of G.I. and Pancreas (4 hrs)

•Stomach - Ulceration, gastritis, neoplasia

Small intestine - inflammatory bowel disease, dietary hypersensitivity, neoplasia, non-

specific enteritis, lymphangiectasia

Colon - colitis

Pancreas - acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, neoplasia, abscessation


Conditions and Clinical Disease Management of Urinary Tract (2 hrs)

•Kidneys - CKD vs. AKI vs. age-related changes, pyelonephritis, renoliths, obstructive


Bladder - liths, chronic cystitis, interstitial cystitis

Prostate - prostatitis, hyperplasia, neoplasia, abscessation


Recognizing and Managing Endocrine Disorders (2 hrs)

• Understanding of the presen>ng clinical signs, hematological and serum biochemistry

changes of endocrine disorders.

• Specific diagnos>c tests for endocrine disorders in the dog and cat, and both specific

therapy and suppor>ve therapeu>c management.


Conditions of the Liver with Clinical Disease and it’s Management (4 hrs)

•Acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis

Cholangiohepatitis complex



Internal Medicine Series with Dr.Remo

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