Sonographic Approach - Shunt Hunt Part 1 & 2

Part 1 & 2 Detection of portosystemic shunts and the negative shunt hunt, utilizing the SDEP abdominal scanning protocol; exhaustive review of EHPSS and IHPSS including clinical approaches, medical and surgical management in this 2 part series.

Course Objectives:

  • Hepatic vascular anatomy
  • Scanning technique: SDEP positions 9-14
  • The negative shunt hunt
  • Clinical signs, integration of lab work and congenital considerations
  • Portal hypertension dissected
  • Extrahepatic shunts and utilization of CT
  • Extrahepatic shunts and intrahepatic shunts with schematics
  • Sonographic obstacles and solutions to imaging using the SDEP technique
  • Supportive research
  • Cats and shunts
  • Clinical approaches, treatment, and management

Approved for 2 CE Credit

Sonographic Approach - Shunt Hunt Part 1 & 2