SDEP® Echo Unleashed -Virtual Ultrasound Lab

Have you struggled with Echocardiograms, or even just avoid them because you don't think you can do it?. We got you - and you CAN!


The SDEP® Echo progression utilizes well-tested principles and a straightforward numbering system to optimize every region of the heart to evaluate functions, velocities, pressures, and chamber sizes. The progression takes you through 7 maneuvers and 4 points.


SDEP® Echo includes three separate measurements for the left atrial measurements and all standard Doppler velocities. Alternative views image the right atrium and auricle to ensure visualization of heart base masses. This protocol affords the most complete image set for evaluation of the heart from acquired to congenital disease.

The bundle includes lecture and hands-on technique sections. This series is an excellent substitute when hands-on training is not possible, or as a supplement to hands-on learning after one of our SDEP® courses. The course is appropriate for ALL levels of scanning. Beginners can grasp, and build on the fundamentals.

Intermediate users can benefit by improving efficiency and image sets, while advanced users can push the paces on more advanced sonography techniques like shunt hunts, adrenals, and more. 


As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from being here:


  • The SDEP® 7pt Echo Lectures. An in-depth presentation of the philosophy and reasoning behind the development of SDEP® and the key features; basic ultrasound terminology and knobology; the functions of the various probes, and a thorough dissection of the 7 points one by one with illustrative videos of each position.

  • The SDEP® 7pt Technique Videos. Individual training modules on each step covered in the lecture, so you can spend as much, or as little time with each position as needed.

    First, practice the unique SDEP® probe manipulation and scanning motions detailed in the intro, then proceed to each module with your patient as Dr. Lindquist walks you through the needed probe movements on his patient with associated position videos. including a spit screen showing image acquisition too. 

  • Bootcamp video Sessions. Ready your patient and scan as you listen to Dr. Lindquist talk you through an entire abdomen. Each session moves you along in both speed and more challenging views, allowing progression as you are ready.

  • Extended Training Modules. Round out the training program by addressing areas of particular difficulty for most.

  • SDEP® Echo Emergency protovol - Learn to perform a full cardiac work up in just minutes with our SDEP® Emergency protocol.

SDEP® Echo Unleashed -Virtual Ultrasound Lab

  • You will earn 6 Race approved CE credits after you pass a quiz with a 70% or higher. Your CE certificate will be sent via email. 

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