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SDEP® Echo September 13-15, 2024

SDEP® 3 Day Lecture & Lab (22 CE) 


3-Day Weekend Registration $2,875 

  • Course and materials fee  

  • Free online access to SonoPath Education platform and a link specific to this course that includes SDEP® Echo Progression instructional video, SDEP® technique video's and recorded live lectures from the weekend and add’l bonus materials 

  • 22 RACE approved CE credits 

  • Friday night Welcome Reception  

  • Breakfast and lunch provided daily 


SonoPath offers SDEP® 3-day hands-on ultrasound training labs, personalized for each attendee to match each person with the right instructor based on their skill set and goals. This approach allows intermediate and advanced attendees to push the pace, while beginners can slow it down to absorb the fundamentals. 


What is SDEP®? (Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol) - CLICK TO LEARN MORE HERE 


*Registration fee does not include travel arrangements or hotel accommodations

SDEP® Echo September 13-15, 2024

  • You will earn 22 RACE Approved CE Credits

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