Veterinary Dentistry Series

Earn 22 Race approved CE credits - Join our featured Instructors Jennifer Mathis DVM and dental expert Heidi Lobprise, DAVDC while "pulling teeth" in the dentistry suite.


The panel style, case-based discussions are guaranteed to have you belly laughing, joining in on the fun will be colleagues Jessica Johnson, DVM, Matthew Noland, DVM, Sergio Hernandez, DVM, and Shannon VanTrease.


The Importance of Veterinary Dentistry - 1 CE Credit

  • Understand the relationship between oral health and systemic inflammation
  • Determine periodontal health status based on radiographic appearance
  • Name common dental conditions and their treatment choices

Dental Home Care That Works - 1 CE Credit
What you'll learn:

  • About the relationship between plaque biofilm and periodontal disease
  • How to select categories of dental home care to use dogs and cats
  • How to instruct clients on the need and related benefit with the frequency of dental home care

Taking Dental Radiographs - 1 CE Credit
What you'll learn:

  • Learn to use the Triadan numbering system
  • Learn to orient radiographs
  • Understand how to acquire intraoral radiographs with the parallel or modified bisecting angle techniques. (No memorization of angles)

Can Dental Problems Wait? Painful Mouths - what happens before and during pandemic times - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Begin to understand the incidence of hidden painful oral disease
  • Review the CDC guidelines for aerosol-generating procedures to aid in treatment timeline decisions
  • Review common urgent dental conditions and their treatment choices

Intraoral Radiographic Interpretation - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Review how to orient intraoral radiographs and number teeth
  • Identify intraoral radiographic incidental findings
  • Identify common abnormal intraoral radiographs based on the 7 steps of interpretation

Dental Instruments and Sharpening - 1.5 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Review the common categories of dental equipment
  • Understand how each type of instrument should be handled
  • Learn sharpening methods/ frequency

Extraction Pearls and Pitfalls - 2 CE Credits 
What you'll learn:

  • Review common equipment to help facilitate dental extractions
  • Learn tips for creating a tension-free flap and
  • Learn how to respond to common extraction complications

Periodontal Pockets and Regeneration - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Learn to evaluate periodontal health radiographically,
  • Learn to use the 7 intraoral radiographic interpretation steps to differentiate primary periodontal or endodontic lesions
  • Understand the materials required when it is appropriate to perform guided tissue regeneration

Gaining Acceptance for Dental Procedures - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Review the communication cycle
  • Understand the likely ROI and need for intraoral radiographic equipment
  • Learn how to show value to clients for dental procedure explanations and get consent

Anesthesia and Local Block Planning for the Dental Patient - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Review the pain pathway and the categories of drugs that work in each part of the pathway
  • Discuss the administration of local nerve blocks knowing which teeth are blocked, learn the proper amount of agent to use, and the anatomical considerations to prevent complications

Pediatric Dentistry - 1.5 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Review the timeline for permanent dentition eruption
  • Learn to identify hidden painful juvenile conditions
  • View treatment examples of interceptive, passive, or active orthodontics


Senior Dentistry - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Realize older pets will have dental problems sooner
  • Review anesthesia considerations to prepare for comorbidities that can be seen with specific oral-dental issues more common in senior patients

Feline Dentistry - 2 CE Credits
What you'll learn:

  • Review and identify the common oral diseases in cats (periodontitis, tooth resorption, stomatitis, and neoplasia) and
  • Understand that treatment for these disorders may be specific to cats vs. dogs, and learn to evaluate for appropriate treatment planning.


Benefits of Joining the Course:

  • Earn 23 Race CE Credits (1 Bonus CE course included!)
  • Unlimited access to your courses - They never expire!
  • on any mobile device. Easily access courses and videos whenever you need them.
  • Enjoy a structured course format designed for your learning success, all carefully curated and taught by industry experts.
  • Explore bonus resources. Including FREE CE, case studies, checklists, and more!
  • Connect with other Veterinarians. Ask questions and learn from a large community of like-minded veterinarians.

Veterinary Dentistry Series

  • You will earn 22 Race approved CE credits after you pass a quiz with a 70% or higher. Your CE certificate will be sent via email.