The SonoPath Summit - LIVE Virtual - Lectures ONLY with Educational Package

Basic Registration for LIVE Virtual $1200

  • Free access to Course material online - available after weekend course
  • 16 RACE approved CE credits


Basic Registration with Educational Support Package $1600 - Shipped directly to you

  • Includes Basic registration plus the following
  • 1 Laminated 36" x 24” Poster -  Includes step by step instructions to complete scan with notes and tips to improve your scanning efficiency (5 posters to choose from - click for options)
  • The Curbside Guide - A book with descriptions, clinical signs, diagnostics, treatment  recommendations & ultrasound illustrations for diseases commonly diagnosed with ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Image Library - Unlimited access to a comprehensive library of nearly 1,000 ultrasound images for reference. (Click for details)
  • We will mail the Curbside Guide & the poster of your choice to you, and will have access to digital image library after registering


All levels are welcome! SonoPath offers a 3-day live virtual lab and all levels of scanners are invited to join. Virtual attendee’s will see the lectures in real time along with in-person attendee’s, at the Andover, NJ Education Facility and have the opportunity to ask questions along with the in-person attendee's. 


This 3-day course will cover materials geared towards moderate to advanced Sonographers, Veterinarians and those interested in internal medicine and cardiology.


Join us virtual each day for lectures. You will be sent the schedule and log on information once you have registered. There will be a mini-scanning lab on Sunday, so you will have a break while in-person attendee's are in the wet lab. 


This is sampling of the lecture subjects to be covered:

  • Congenital cardiac and abdominal shunt disorders
  • Taking a closer look at less common endocrinopathies
  • Diagnosis & management of hypothyroidism & hypoadrenocorticism
  • The curvilinear theory to recognizing sonographic pathology differentiating normal from age related or pathological presentations

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Peter Modler

  • Dr. Remo Lobetti

  • Dr. Eric Lindquist

Sample Schedule Fri. - Sund.:

  • Daily: 8:30 am - 3:00pm - Lectures (with breaks and a 30 min lunch break each day)

The SonoPath Summit - LIVE Virtual - Lectures ONLY with Educational Package

  • You will earn 16 RACE Approved CE Credits