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SDEP® THE EVERYTHING Lab +Ortho, December 1-3, 2023

SDEP® 3-day Lecture & Lab (22 CE)

We are pleased to offer this special end-of-year lab, which follows a different hands-on format than most of our other labs.

  • SDEP® Abdomen (beginners), 
  • Cardiac - clean up 
  • Shunt Hunt 
  • Small Parts (thyroids, parathyroids, eyes
  • Ortho (stifles, shoulders, achilles, psoas and more)


The Everything Else & Ortho Seminar includes shunt hunts, small parts and orthopedic ultrasound. Our unique end of year lab is the perfect venue to refine your current skills in abdomen, heart, learn shunt hunts, cover thyroids, parathyroids, eyes and, of course, orthopedic ultrasound of stifles, shoulders, achilles, psoas and more. There are breakout sessions for basic SDEP® Abdomen for those that don’t wish to follow ortho lectures. So if you missed our SDEP® Abdomen seminars you can still learn to scan SDEP® in this lab or refine your SDEP® skills.


Email us at to tell us what you need to refine and we will let you know what we can adapt to, as this is a lab that is built for your needs.


Basic Registration $2600

  • Course and materials fee 
  • Free online access to SonoPath Education platform and a link specific to this course that includes SDEP® 17 Pt. Abdomen Progression, SDEP® technique videos and much more.
  • 22 RACE approved CE credits
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Welcome Reception 


Registration with Educational Support Package $3000

  • Basic registration
  • Laminated 36" x 24” Poster -  Includes step by step instructions to complete scan with notes and tips to improve your scanning efficiency
  • The Curbside Guide - A book with descriptions, clinical signs, diagnostics, treatment  recommendations & ultrasound illustrations for diseases commonly diagnosed with ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Image Library - Unlimited access to a comprehensive library of nearly 1,000 ultrasound images for reference.


Registrants may choose ONE of the following tracks for the wet lab portion:


Track 1: Everything + Ortho:

  • Attendees rotate through stifle, shoulders, achilles, thyroid/parathyroid, shunt, adrenal and cardiac adjustments tables (note that the cardiac table is for those who are already competent in the SDEP® Echo protocol, and are looking to refine their imaging and/or work on problem areas).
  • Attendees are not assigned to set tables; rather they rotate among the various stations depending on their interest.
  • In order to ensure that everyone gets adequate scanning time:
    1. We ask that no more than 3-4 attendees be at any station at any one time
    2. Attendees should plan on rotating through most/all of the stations
    3. Instructors will switch out those with the probe approximately every 10 minutes


Track 2: SDEP® Beginner Abdomen (limited availability)

  • Attendees who wish to learn the SDEP® abdomen protocol for full abdominal scans. Attendees are assigned to a specific abdomen table and instructor for the duration of the 3 days of lab.
  • Registrants will receive the SDEP® Abdomen Virtual ultrasound course as preparatory material.
  • Attendees will be offered an SDEP® Abdomen progression lecture as a second lecture track option during the regular ortho/small parts lectures.


Post lab, virtual training, and support services are available through SonoPath’s educational telemedicine™ services where attendees can work with SonoPath remotely to perfect their image sets.


Space is limited to ensure plenty of hands-on learning, and labs DO sell out, so we encourage you to reserve your space as soon as possible. *Group discounts are available, please contact us at


The SDEP® protocol is a highly effective, teachable and repeatable sonographic protocol that comprises a 17pt Abdomen and 7pt Echocardiogram, both of which enable the standardization of the veterinary ultrasound scanning process for maximization of the image sets of traditional and alternative approaches. The results are increased clinical confidence, and rapid scanning proficiency.


*Registration fee does not include travel arrangements or hotel accommodations

SDEP® THE EVERYTHING Lab +Ortho, December 1-3, 2023

  • You will earn 22 RACE Approved CE Credits

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